Focus on Twitter

Twitter  is a social media platform, created in 2006, that takes a...

23rd Apr
Twitter for Business with Dubzz Digital Marketing

The Digital Video Revolution

We live in a time where picture and video have a greater...

08th Apr
Internet Video for you Business

How To Make Word of Mouth Work For Your Business

Word of Mouth is the most believable, cost-effective form of advertising, and...

26th Mar
Word of Mouth and you business

Why are my Google Analytics stats lower than that of my hosting provider?

We recommend Google Analytics to all of our clients as the best...

18th Mar
Google Analytics

Website WOF

We’ve created an easy Website Warrant of Fitness checklist. These are the...

05th Mar
Website WOF

Our Vision

The new year has seen some changes in the Dubzz office with...

13th Feb
Dubzz Vision

Internet Marketing Resolutions to Make for 2013

The new year brings about a great time to reflect, assess, and...

14th Jan
Online Marketing 2013

How to Survive the Password Apocalypse

Your digital life is no longer safe. No matter how complex, or...

28th Dec
password security

Social Media: Rules of Engagement

If your company uses social media as a brand exposure platform, you...

10th Dec
social media policy