Dubzz Achieves Google Partner Status

On March 13, 2017 by Dubzz Digital Marketing

google-partner-RGBDubzz receives certification from tech superpower and Becomes Google Partner
Dubzz is excited to announce we have just become a Google Partner Certified organisation.  The Google Partner status is available to online professionals, agencies, marketers, and specialists that have been trained and certified by Google. This means we have demonstrated AdWords expertise through employee certification, delivering solid overall AdWords performance, and maintaining and growing our customer base.

As part of the Google Partner Certified status, each organisation must have at least one employee that is Google AdWords Certified.  The Google AdWords certification is a professional accreditation that Google offers to individuals who demonstrate proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of online advertising using Google AdWords.  To date, David and Julie are both AdWords certified, with specialisations in Search Advertising and Display Advertising respectively.  David earned his certification in November 2014 and Julie became accredited this January.  To our knowledge, David and Julie are the only two AdWords certified professionals in Rotorua, and Dubzz is the only Google Partner certified organisation.

What does this mean for your business?

  • Lower advertising costs – efficiently optimised AdWords Campaigns will have a lower cost per click saving you money and increasing your return on investment.
  • Improved reporting – we understand the stats and report on the information you want to know.
  • Increased targeting – We can ensure your businesses ads are being displayed at the right time in the right place within the 11.9 Billion Google searches every month!
  • Choose your own Budget – Unlike newspaper and billboards you get to choose how much you want to spend on advertising. Choose how much you are prepared to pay per click and your daily budget and never over spend.
  • Invest in a Campaign rather than a promotion – Rather than using Google AdWords as a promotional tool like you would a radio or newspaper ad think about it as an ongoing lead generator. The most successful Google AdWords campaigns that enjoy a positive ROI are those that have been tested and optimised over time.

Thinking about Online Advertising?

Contact us!  We can organise a free consultation and provide a strategy to suit your objectives and budget.

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