There are often online marketing questions about a number of topics including what the online environment really means for your business. Click on the FAQ’s below to see the answer, or contact us should your question not be answered here.

Answers to Frequently Asked Online Marketing Questions

What is Online Marketing?

Online marketing, often referred to as Internet Marketing, Internet Advertising or e-Marketing, is the marketing of products or services over the internet.

Online marketing applies various techniques for promotions like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) also known as Pay Per Click (PPC), Advertisements, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media & more.

Internet Marketing, or Online Marketing, mean the same thing and is the act of marketing your business, product, or service online. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) on the other hand are completely different things.

– SEO means to optimise your website for search engines. This allows better responses from visitors who search keywords on major search engines such as Google. It is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engine results for targeted keywords.
– SEM is marketing your website on search engines by using PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising. This is a great way to generate traffic to your site and fast, and can be suited to any budget. It is an advertising model used on search engines, where advertisers only pay when a user actually clicks on an ad – taking them to the advertisers website.

Dubzz Digital Marketing recommend using a mixture of both, depending on the product or service, and timing of your campaign. If your search engine optimization efforts produce great results, there is less of a need to rely on search engine marketing.

Can you help with Google rank?

Yes, increasing Google rank is also known as Search Engine Optimisation which is one of our specialties.

What if I don’t understand the internet?

We do our best to help you come to terms with the online environment and understand the potential. We don’t require you to have an in-depth understanding, and are here to make the process easier and more stress-free.

Why Dubzz Digital Marketing?

Here at Dubzz we have the knowledge and skills to help your business market your products and services using the Internet. If you are looking to harness the power and reach of the internet it is very important to have someone who can help execute internet marketing strategies that can be very complex and time consuming, leaving you the time to focus on your customers. Dubzz Digital Marketing is a company that focuses on tailoring individual packages for your business and on getting results.

How much will it cost?

Every business is unique, therefore, everyone’s requirements will be different. The price will depend on what you need us to do for your business. At Dubzz Digital Marketing we believe in being completely flexible and can cater to any budget. Together, you and one of our Online Marketing Consultants can decide what is the best solution for you.

We like to give everyone a customised quote so contact us to arrange a free initial consultation.

Will your Online Marketing Consultants travel to us?

Our marketing consultants can travel to our customers so that we can offer the most complete marketing solutions. We are based in Rotorua, New Zealand and we can work via Skype and the Internet to communicate to any location. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more.

Do you offer training?

At Dubzz Digital Marketing we offer complete marketing training services, including online marketing, SEO and SEM (search engine optimisation and marketing), and social media management.

Our online marketing professionals will consult with your management team to develop a training program for your marketing staff. Our online marketing consultants will help strengthen your marketing department by giving them the tools and knowledge needed to create a successful online marketing campaign. Training can be especially useful if your staff perform multiple roles and you do not want to hire additional marketing staff, yet want your marketing efforts to effectively demonstrate your product or service. This is a more cost effective approach to marketing without hiring new staff or outsourcing.

How long will it take to optimise my site?

Online Marketing, and SEO especially, must be seen as an ongoing process because there is always more that you can do to improve your position and the internet is a dynamic environment, which means that the rules change and new competitors come into the game. This means that you regularly need to review and measure your online activities and make changes.

How long does it take to see results?

Results will vary depending on many factors, including the size of your market and the level of competition currently online, the area you intend to target, and any prior optimisation work that has been done.

On average our clients typically begin seeing some positive results within 60-90 days and exceptional results within 6 months of the updates having been completed.

What are the benefits of Online Marketing?

Benefits include:
– Online Branding & Promotion
– Targeted Traffic
– Revenue Generation
In the past when someone was looking for a business, whether locally or nationally, people could use the telephone book, newspaper, or local publication. Today, 85% of all initial research to locate a business is started with an online search. Dubzz Digital Marketing can make your business be the one who they find first when they start their search online! SEO can be powerful and essential for businesses who want to step in front of the potentially thousands of people who are searching for products and services that your business may offer. If your website doesn’t show up for your businesses primary keywords, then your competition must be, and they’re taking all your business.

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