5 Reasons to Write Blogs for Your Business

By Matt Ennor | Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Blogs are a fantastic way to enhance your online presence.

Writing blogs for your website can benefit your business in many different ways. They provide a source of information, allow you to connect with your audience, and provide a fantastic platform for you to market your product or service. So, if you’ve ever questioned ‘should I write blogs for my website?’ the answer is YES! Still need convincing? Check out our top 5 reasons why you should be writing blogs for your business.

1. Blogs Help Your Google Ranking

Possibly the number one reason we suggest blogs to clients is because they help to improve Google ranking (otherwise known as search engine optimisation). It’s common knowledge in the digital marketing world that search engines love consistent, fresh & relevant content. The beauty of blogging regularly is that it’s an easy way for your business to tick all of these boxes at once. Whenever you create a new blog post, you’re providing search engines with fresh content to index and display in their results. It also gives you the perfect opportunity to include relevant keywords that potential customers will be searching for. All this is to say that blogging goes a long way in terms of SEO, and will result in an improved chance of ranking higher in search results.

2. Blogs Establish Your Business as an Industry Leader

Constantly writing blogs that are relevant to your audience helps to establish your business as an authority in your industry. When readers see content that is valuable and well organised, they are more likely to view your business as experts on that particular subject. Therefore, blogs across a range of related topics will display a wealth of knowledge about your industry as a whole. Once this authority is established, you are more likely to become a ‘go-to’ resource for your audience.

3. Blogs Generate Business Leads

Each new blog article you write is an opportunity to generate business leads. As mentioned above, the more you share knowledgeable content about a topic, the more readers will begin to trust your business. It is this trust that you can utilise to generate leads. The most common way this is achieved is through a simple call-to-action, either throughout the article or at the end. You may want to ask the reader if they’d like more information, or if they require a particular service you provide. Alternatively, you might offer gated content related to your post, in order to obtain lead information.

4. Blogs Allow You to Connect with Your Audience

Building brand awareness is essential for any business, and posting blog articles will allow you to connect with your audience. Blogs allow you to share your message and engage with people in a way that traditional marketing restricts. Taking a relaxed, yet structured approach to your blog content will enable readers to connect with your business on a personal level. This can be very refreshing for both existing and potential customers.

5. Blogs Make For Great Social Media Content

When you’re regularly posting on social media, it can be difficult to come up with new & original content. If you’ve just published a new blog article on your website however, you’d be foolish not to use it for a social post! Not only will the article provide your followers with new ideas, it will also bring people back to your website. There are literally no downsides!

You should be sufficiently convinced by now that blogs are a fantastic way to enhance your online presence. They’re ideal for adding fresh content to your website, while establishing your business as an industry leader. Furthermore, they assist in generating business leads and help you connect with existing and potential customers. If you aren’t currently writing blogs for your website, it’s never too late to start. If you’d like any assistance with writing blogs for your site, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Dubzz team.

Author: Matt Ennor

Matt has been working at Dubzz Digital Marketing since 2017, and is currently our Senior Online Marketing Consultant. He holds a Bachelor of Media and Creative Technologies from Waikato University, and Google Ads Certifications in Search, Display, Shopping, and Video.

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