Buying a business – What you need to know about their website

By Rachel McRae | Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Key questions for acquiring an online presence

If you are looking to buy a business it is likely you have your lawyers and accountants conducting due diligence on the target business’s financials and operations – which is great. One thing many purchasers overlook though is the website of the business they are looking to buy. It is quite common that someone buys a business, tries to gain control of the website to transfer it to their existing or preferred provider and finds themselves walking into a minefield. Worst case scenario is that you have start again with a whole new website, a cost you would certainly like to factor in when making your offer to purchase the business.

We recommend that when conducting due diligence of a business, answers to the following questions are obtained:

If any of these questions are unable to be answered or they are answered in the negative, there is an increased likelihood of the website transfer process encountering problems and being slowed down with increased communication time and technical troubleshooting.

If you are looking to purchase a business it is worth the small financial investment to get the advice of professionals as to whether you are purchasing a business with a website that will make (or cost!) you money.

Author: Rachel McRae

Rachel is the founder of Dubzz with qualifications in Marketing, Business, Science & Maori. She is proud Mum to Hugo, and serves the community as a Justice of the Peace. In her free time Rachel enjoys cooking, gardening and walking her dog Henry in the Redwoods.

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