Byron and Julie’s Mobile Site Certification From Google

By Julie Lewis | Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Two Dubzz team members have achieved their Google Mobile Site Certification

We are excited to announce that Byron Murray and Julie Lewis from the Dubzz team have just been recognised as Google Mobile Site Certified. The team are always working hard to stay on top of the latest developments and ensure their skills are in line with industry best practice – so we are super proud of Byron and Julie with their latest achievement.

What is the Google Mobile Site Certification?

The Google Mobile Sites certification is a professional accreditation that Google Partners offer to individuals who demonstrate best practices for creating, managing, measuring, and optimizing mobile websites.

How did Byron and Julie become Google Mobile Sites certified?

Byron and Julie each successfully completed the Google Mobile Sites examination.

The successful completion of the exam requires an 80% mark and covers the four main components of mobile website development: why mobile sites matter, improving mobile site speed, creating effective mobile user experience and advanced web technologies.

What does this mean for your business?

The mobile-friendliness of your website is a major factor in how it performs in Google search results.

If you are looking for a new website, a website developed by Dubzz will be in-line with Google’s best practices for mobile website development, resulting in a strong Google ranking for your new website.

We can also optimise both the speed and user experience of an existing mobile website so that it performs better in search results, keeps users engaged on your website for longer, and ultimately results in a higher conversion rate.

Want to improve the mobile-friendliness of your website?

Contact us!  We can organise a free consultation and provide an assessment of how we can help optimise your mobile website.

Author: Julie Lewis

Julie is certified in Google Ads, Analytics and Mobile Optimisation, and holds a Bachelor's Degree in English and a certificate in Front End Web Development. When she’s not squinting at a computer screen, Julie plays rugby for the Bay of Plenty Volcanix and fosters kittens through the Rotorua SPCA.

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