NZ Top Repairs

The Challenge

NZ Top Repairs provides hard surface repair services throughout New Zealand. They came to Dubzz seeking a new website that featured their quality workmanship and professionalism, which set them apart from their competitors.
It was extremely important that NZ Top Repairs were able to display their work examples and gather relevant details for quoting repair jobs through their website, as all their initial quoting is done off site. They also wanted to ensure their website and services could be easily found and understood in Google searches.

Our Approach

Dubzz designed a mobile-responsive website centered around NZ Top Repairs work examples and featuring a prominent call to action for requesting quotes.
The work examples used an interactive before/after image slider, allowing customers to see the NZ Top Repairs high quality restoration work. Dubzz also included the ability for NZ Top Repairs to easily update these dual images as new work examples were gathered.
The Quote Request form provided special functionality to allow NZ Top Repairs to gather required information for accurate quoting, including specific instructions and multiple image uploads. The quoting functionality also sent real-time notifications to NZ Top Repairs as quote requests were submitted and provided a link to display the quote details to the NZ Top Repairs team.
Finally, Dubzz provided site-wide copywriting that was both Search Engine friendly and reflected the NZ Top Repairs professional, customer service-centred brand. Testimonials were also included throughout the site to further demonstrate high quality work and ongoing customer satisfaction. NZ Top Repairs

The Results

Dubzz produced a highly functional, user-friendly website that created efficiencies for the NZ Top Repairs business.  The new website is easy to update, and reflects the NZ Top Repairs commitment to high-quality work and customer service.

All the information needed for incoming quotes is presented to the NZ Top Repairs team in an easy-to-use format, including large images and a Google map with the job address, which supports quick, efficient, and accurate off-site quoting.

NZ Top Repairs received the first quote request within 24 hours of going live and had received another 5 within the first week.

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We would like to extend our immense appreciation to Dubzz for the professionalism, dedication to achieving each nuance required for our niche` business and being available to talk to when we had queries, which were many and varied but not a problem for a team member of Dubzz to solve.

We cannot believe the increase in traffic to our website in such a short time – in two weeks, the number of quote requests have been very consistent since the first which was received within 24 hours.

The outlay to produce our website has already been paid in so many ways…thank you very much, Rachel, Leah, Lauren and of course the rest of the skillful group at Dubzz.


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