Rotorua Super Passes

The Challenge

Rotorua Super Passes wanted to increase traffic to their website and sell more passes. They also wanted to utilise social media to capture a wider market, and engage both existing and potential customers.

Our Approach

We undertook a long-term strategy of Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Management for Rotorua Super Passes. Organic results have also been supplemented with occasional, small budget, online advertising campaigns to capitalise on seasonal trends. Rotorua Super Passes

The Results

  • 186% increase in Monthly Website Visitors – July 2015 Vs July 2013
  • 46% increase in Value Of E-Commerce Transactions – July 2015 Vs July 2014

Increased website visitors and social media engagement has led to: more enquiries online and offline, greater brand awareness, more repeat customers and increased online conversions and revenue.


The Team

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