Dubzz visits Rotorua Canopy Tours

By Rachel McRae | Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Dubzz team were fortunate enough to experience this award-winning tourist Eco-experience.

Monday morning, and what better way to start the working week than getting out there and doing something different with the team? The Dubzz team switched the answer phone on and went on an adventure – going to check out what Rotorua Canopy Tours has on offer.

Rotorua Canopy Tours is a young company, opened in 2012, and the only native forest zipline (flying fox) canopy tour in New Zealand. Rotorua Canopy Tours offer a 3 hour adventure among the tree tops using swing bridges, platforms, walking trails and ziplines to navigate a 1.2 kilometre journey through pristine, all natural New Zealand forest.

Slightly nervous and not sure what to expect, we gathered at Rotorua Canopy’s headquarters on Old Taupo Road. After a brief introduction by our guides Shane and Michelle, we were kitted out with the necessary equipment, helmet and harness, before our group of ten piled into the van and away we went.

Introducing ourselves on the short drive to the forest, and sharing our superpower ambitions (ironically no one wanted to fly), there was a slight feeling of trepidation however we need not have worried.


It was a gentle walk to the first platform with our guides pointing out the local flora and fauna. We reached the first platform and standing back from the edge, were given the safety briefing. The guides were enthusiastic and encouraging as we all made our way to the edge and calmly stepped off…

Surprisingly the tour was as serene as it was extreme. Peacefully and quietly ziplining through the forest gave a sense of calm and wonder. The views were so breathtaking, we often forgot we were suspended by rope and wire up to 40 metres from the forest floor.

There was also an educational aspect of the tour surrounding native birdlife and the New Zealand forest ecosystem. The information was presented in an interesting way, allowing us to see the big picture, and the direct impact of pests in New Zealand forests. It was a fantastic opportunity to reconnect with the natural environment and be reminded how precious and fragile our forests and birds are.

As an ecotourism venture, Rotorua Canopy Tours runs the Forest Restoration Project and during the tour we were informed of the fantastic achievements their conservation efforts have made towards restoring the forests ecosystem. It felt great to know Dubzz supports these efforts through our possum trap, sponsored during Conservation Week in September.

We all enjoyed the trip. It is the perfect balance of adventure, conservation and tranquility making it a must do for all. You can check out more of our fabulous photos on Facebook. We look forward to returning to Rotorua Canopy Tours and sharing the experience with friends and family.

Author: Rachel McRae

Rachel is the founder of Dubzz with qualifications in Marketing, Business, Science & Maori. She is proud Mum to Hugo and Bella, and serves the community as a Justice of the Peace. In her free time Rachel enjoys cooking, gardening and walking her dog Henry in the Redwoods.

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