Facebook for B2B Businesses

By Dubzz | Friday, August 23, 2013

Social media is a very effective medium for spreading information and word of mouth, but is it worth using Facebook to promote your B2B business?

At Dubzz we absolutely think that Facebook is worthwhile for promoting businesses in a B2B context. Facebook is a great social media tool to promote your business online. You can easily increase brand awareness, spread word of mouth, communicate directly with clients and increase a business’s online credibility.

Facebook is used by almost 70% of all internet users and they aren’t just kids. Over 50% of over 50’s are using social media, and many businesses are already using Facebook to promote their services and generate new leads by engaging with consumers online. If your business isn’t online yet, Facebook is a great place to start building your online presence as it is free and easy to use. If your business already has a website you should be promoting your products and services on Facebook to attract more traffic to your website.

Here are a few tips to help your B2B Facebook page get off the ground and engage with the billions of Facebook users.

Create A Strategy
Whatever you do make sure your Facebook page has purpose. Your business needs to decide on what the purpose is, the audience, and how the page will be used. The page shouldn’t just be for blatant self promotion as it does not encourage any engagement with other Facebook users.

Post Pictures
People take in pictures more easily than text, so always try to add a relevant picture to a post. You can even share data and other information with a picture, just make sure they are eye catching, not too small and easy to understand. Nimble.com state that Facebook posts that include a single image generate 120% more engagement than an average post.

Make it Personal
Facebook is a social platform which people use to share personal information about themselves. You should also do this with your business. Don’t worry, you don’t have to publicise your earnings or top secret business plans! People are always curious about what goes on “behind the scenes”. Who are the people behind the brand? Who had the last office birthday and how did the office celebrate? Little ideas such as these help to engage more people online and build a personal connection with your brand and your business.

People always love something for free! You can promote your business and generate engagement by giving away a free trial or something similar. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive or even tangible, you can give out free advice or anything else useful and relevant to your business.

Like Other Pages
By liking other pages you can make more people aware of your business,  and also keep up-to-date with what they are doing in their business. Like, comment and share other people’s posts to increase awareness of your page and promote further engagement. Remember there are already many other businesses on Facebook that could potentially need your service.

Make sure you integrate your Facebook page with all your other marketing efforts.  Your website, email signature and all other “offline” marketing material should incorporate a link to your Facebook page or your Facebook URL. This means if people are not online they will be able to find you later. You can also share all your other marketing efforts on Facebook, such as your latest flyer fresh of the press.

Check out Dubzz on Facebook for some more ideas on how to market your B2B business online.

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