Facebook Reviews: Adding Value to your Business

By Rachel McRae | Thursday, September 1, 2016

Facebook has updated reviews on all business pages to make them more prominent when customers click onto their page.

Facebook reviews are becoming more integrated and this is helping customers to rate a business more easily.

What are Facebook Reviews?

Facebook uses a star rating system that allows its customers to rate a business and leave a comment of their experience (positive and negative). Having reviews positioned prominently on your Facebook page helps to create stronger credibility for your business and increases the integrity of your brand. Whether positive or negative, reviews give you the opportunity to engage with your customers and increase the chance of repeat customers. It is also beneficial for potential new customers to your business as reviews act as free advertising for your business. The exposure helps to create awareness for your brand and what it is you do.

How they can help your business

Facebook reviews is an excellent way for smaller businesses to capitalise on word of mouth marketing tools. Having reviews more prominently positioned directs the user to previous customer experiences first. This first hand insight helps to create trust with the business and acts as encouragement for potential new customers. As an example check out some of our reviews on our Facebook page.
More and more customers are turning to online research to learn about a product or service they are interested in. Having reviews prominently shown on your Facebook page helps customers gain an unbiased account of your offering. It creates attention and engagement with other users and helps to inspire and educate new and existing customers. By replying to all reviews, a business can show that a customer’s efforts to make a review are noted and appreciated. It is also important to try and avoid a public argument on your page. When replying to a negative review, always try and resolve the issues by taking the conversation offline. By asking for an email or number to contact will reduce any further negative feedback appearing on your page.

What you can do:

• Create awareness and engagement of your Facebook page. Let your customers know about your page.
• Encourage existing customers to go and review on Facebook
• Respond to all existing reviews on Facebook
• Follow up on all negative reviews to minimise the chance of reoccurring
Now more than ever, it is important for small businesses to use Facebook reviews to engage with their customers. Customer engagement on your page is a valuable tool that you can use to generate leads and increase customer awareness of your product or service. The challenge for businesses is to utilise Facebook reviews as a free marketing tool to increase awareness and help create local customers.

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Author: Rachel McRae

Rachel worked in Online Marketing for several years before founding Dubzz in 2011. She holds qualifications in Marketing, Business, Science and Māori and was recognised in 2015 as the "Emerging Young Leader of the Year" at the Westpac Business Excellence Awards.

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