Four Reasons to Up-skill

By Dubzz | Thursday, August 13, 2015

Why it's important to stay relevant in today’s ever-changing technological landscape

Odds are, you have had to evolve on the job in one way or another; the skills you left school with are likely not the same skills you currently use in your professional role today.  While most of us have done some form of professional training (sometimes whether we would like to or not…), there is much to be said for taking a proactive and concerted approach to growing your skill set. 

Rather than waiting for change to come to you, here are some compelling reasons to place yourself and your team ahead of the proverbial learning curve.

Save time.  

A little training can go a long way in terms of learning to use time-saving software.  One of the best areas to consider on-going training for the purpose of saving time is in the developing arena of SAAS (Software As A Service).  Many different online applications which can automate the day to day mundane tasks in the work place. For example, Mailchimp is a great online tool which can help you manage, build, track and communicate with your customers. Generate more business leads with automated emails and see which customers are really important to your business with in-depth reporting. The best part about it – it’s free! This is just one of the many online tools available that can improve efficiency in your business.

Save money.  

Aside from the obvious adage of time equals money, learning new skills can save money in other ways.  Adopting a bit of a DIY attitude when it comes to your business can help reduce the cost of contract services.  For instance, you might pay an organisation to manage your social media presence, but if you learn how to write your own Tweets or Facebook posts, you may be able to save money by contributing day-to-day updates yourself.

Discover new ways to grow your business.

Often one thing leads to another when it comes to self-education.  Traveling down the path to knowledge can open doors you may not anticipate.  For example, by learning a bit more about SEO, you might also begin to understand the power of building links to your website through content marketing.  Often these kinds of discoveries can build on each other and, in conjunction, strengthen your overall business strategies.

Be Empowered.

Nothing is more motivating than a genuine engagement in your work.  Whether you are looking to grow your own skills or want to improve the skill-set of your team, the process of learning, growth and accomplishment is one of the best ways to empower yourself and your employees.  Taking ownership of your learning journey and feeling the satisfaction of mastering a new skill is a great way to reignite your passion for your work. Not only do you come away with new skills, but you also gain the pride and inspiration that comes with accomplishment.

So whether it’s an online tutorial, a community-led class, or a course with Dubzz, taking the steps to grow your skills for yourself and those around you can carry multifaceted benefits to your business.

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