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By David Remmerswaal | Monday, May 13, 2013

David's highlights from his time as an intern at Dubzz.

My name is David Remmerswaal, and I am a Rotorua local and currently a student at Waiariki Institute of Technology. I have just completed a Diploma in Marketing and this year I am finishing off my degree in Tourism Management. This semester I have found myself lucky enough to be working here at Dubzz Digital Marketing which has been a welcome change from the classroom and of course a great opportunity to gain a bit of experience and knowledge. This blog highlights some of the things I have learnt. 

The internet is amazing how it can enhance business through using websites, SEO, social media, blogs, vlogs and a countless number of Google applications. There are so many new opportunities in the online space to market your business – the main thing to keep in mind is how rapidly the industry changes. When studying you learn all about the theories, strategies, and methods of how to market products and services, all of which are necessary for a good knowledge base. However, all of the textbooks full of information that were applicable and up-to-date a few years ago are now becoming out of date due to the rapid changes in technology and the impact it is having on the way people are communicating.

Developments in social media and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have changed the way marketers communicate with their target markets. Social media enhances the relationship you can have with customers, the days of mass marketing are long gone as Google and Facebook target personalised ads to the online world. Also marketing is no longer a one way conversation, consumers can now react and reply directly to marketing efforts which can have a considerable positive or negative impact.

There are also many trade secrets to be aware of that are available to improve online business such as scheduling social media, content management, cloud computing, blogging, and optimising images and keywords. The internet can make business more profitable, productive and efficient and it is surprising how many businesses don’t use it.

Because of all these rapid changes online marketing is a dynamic and interesting industry to be a part of as there is always something new to be learnt and always an entertaining new viral video to watch.


Author: David Remmerswaal

David is well-travelled, having spent time in Europe, Asia and the Pacific. In his spare time, David enjoys the Rotorua outdoors, cooking, and attending live music shows, as well as spending time as a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters Rotorua.

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