Google’s latest algorithm change and how your site can be penalised!

By Dubzz | Tuesday, September 4, 2012

As of last week Google ranking results are now being affected by the number of copyright removal notices received on any given site. Making it more important than ever for businesses to provide fresh, new, legitimate, quality content.

Google’s latest search algorithm is designed to lower search rankings of sites with “high numbers” of copyright-infringement removal notices.

A Google spokesman said one of the main reasons for the change was to better the “user experience” in Google search to direct users to “high-quality” sites.

This sounds a great way to get rid of those spammers and copyright thieves right? However, a concern now is the potential for false reports of copyrighted material because Google doesn’t have the authority to deem something illegal or not. So if your site is falsely accused, you will drop in search rankings until you can prove to, and then be cleared by, Google. Another concern is the vagueness in which Google considers to be a high number of removal notices, how google plans to make its determinations, and what process of recourse there will be for sites who have been demoted.

Sites may not know about, our have the ability to easily challenge, notices sent to Google. And Google has set up a system that may be abused by bad faith actors who want to suppress their rivals and competitors.John Bergmayer, Public Knowledge Attorney.

Are you concerned about this new addition or do you think the pros outweigh the cons? For tips on how you can keep your content fresh and interesting click here.


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