Five Things we Learned from the Google Marketing Livestream

By Rachel McRae | Monday, June 14, 2021

Here's what we think you need to know from the Google Marketing Livestream Conference

We participated in the annual Google Marketing Livestream this year where we got a glimpse into the future of marketing. Google announced several new products and features as they continue to adapt their technology to the new digital climate.  

Here are the top five most exciting takeaways for Kiwi businesses.

New E-Commerce Integrations

Google has announced that they will soon be able to seamlessly integrate with more e-commerce providers, such as WooCommerce. This will make it easier and faster to get your products uploaded on Google Merchant Centre and showing up in relevant shopping searches. As WooCommerce is our preferred e-commerce platform, this is exciting news for many of our clients who might want to start utilising Google to its full capacity.  

‘Deals’ Google Results Page

Searches for “discount code” have increased by 50% in the last year with no sign of slowing down. If you sell products online, implementing discounts is a great way to turn casual browsers into active buyers. That’s why at the end of this year, Google is rolling out a Deals search results page. This means that if you were to search “buy skincare”, you will have the option to view a page filled with skincare deals. The Deals page will be a great way to improve brand visibility and grab new customers while they are in the market looking to buy.

Customer Match

This feature will allow marketers to target new customers that are similar to their most valuable existing customers. For this feature, you need a list of your existing customers, with their basic information such as names and email addresses. This existing data can help Google to make informed choices about who to target and how best to spend your Google Ads budget. Currently available for Google Search, YouTube, Gmail, and Display Ads, this is a great way to target a more specific audience with great potential for return on investment.

Image Extensions

For certain Google Ads accounts, image extensions are now available for Search Ads. When you search online, it’s possible that the highest-ranking Search Ad will have an image next to it. This is exciting news as Search Ads have previously been limited to text only. Google reports that use of image extensions can boost conversion rates by up to 9%, definitely worth using!

Google Ads Insights and Demand Forecasts

The Google Ads Insights page is going to roll out globally and add demand forecasts. The Insights page is already available in New Zealand, although it is still in beta development. This can show trending searches related to your brand, competitor insights and even interest predictions. Google announced that they are going to add demand forecasts to their insights which will predict consumer search behaviour over the next 90 days. With demand forecasts, we can create tailored ads and content to get ahead of the search trends.

As a Google Partner, we are always striving to learn more about the latest technological innovations so we can provide the best service for our clients. We already can’t wait to attend again next year.

If you have any questions about these features, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Author: Rachel McRae

Rachel worked in Online Marketing for several years before founding Dubzz in 2011. She holds qualifications in Marketing, Business, Science and Māori and was recognised in 2015 as the "Emerging Young Leader of the Year" at the Westpac Business Excellence Awards.

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