Google Partners Summit 2018 & Changing Customer Expectations

By Kirsten Manners | Thursday, September 13, 2018

As a Google Partner, Dubzz was invited to attend the Google Partners Summit 2018 in Auckland in August.

The Partners Summit gave us valuable insight into the latest Google updates, how to keep up with technology changes and how businesses can deliver better results through digital marketing.

The sessions throughout the day focused on how the changing tech environment has changed the way our customers think. We learned why and how businesses need to utilise technology to their advantage to overcome these challenges and see better results.

We thought we would share with you some of the key points from the day.

Changing customer expectations

All of the sessions presented linked back to the notion that customer expectations are not only changing but rising.

How can businesses meet customers growing curiosity and demand?

We hear the terms A.I. and Machine Learning thrown around quite a lot now, but what do they mean? Artificial Intelligence is the science of making things smart, and Machine Learning is making machines that learn to be smarter.

We see this through a range of Google products now, such as Google Home, Google Translate and Google Lens (take a photo and let Google tell you what it is!). Businesses like The Warehouse have utilised this technology really well. Did you know you can take a photo through their app, and it will find you a similar product that is available in the Warehouse?

It is important for businesses to embrace A.I. and Machine Learning, as ultimately machines can do things much quicker and often more precisely than humans could ever manage. Not only does Google see this as a huge time saver, eventually A.I. & Machine Learning could lead the way to solving some of humanity’s biggest challenges in the future.

While some businesses may not be quite ready to start incorporating A.I. into their strategies right now, it is so important that businesses embrace technology and new solutions.


Customer Journey - Dubzz Digital Marketing


Customised Experiences

Google has released some exciting updates that can help businesses make the best use of their time while giving customers a more customised experience. By utilising the below Google tools, you can start improving right away.

By providing a more customised experience rather than an average or generic experience, businesses will see an improvement in results.


Google speed score


Stop chasing intent and start predicting intent

Utilising Google’s tools & features and beginning to understand & embrace A.I. and automation means that as a business, you can better understand your customers. In other words, you can start predicting intent rather than chasing it.

Predicting what your customers want, meeting their needs with a customised experience and marketing to the right segments of customers can increase your bottom line and save you time.

The pace of change has never been faster. Most businesses can relate to the fact that they don’t always have time to keep up with these fast-paced changing expectations of customers. They also often don’t fully understand how technology can help them improve.

If you want help keeping up or navigating your business through the complex digital space, get in touch with the Dubzz team.

Author: Kirsten Manners

Kirsten’s first visit to New Zealand was a permanent move, so most of her spare time is spent exploring the local sights of Rotorua and everything New Zealand has to offer.

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