How to Create a Secure Password

By Rachel McRae | Monday, December 28, 2020

Take a look at our top tips and tricks for choosing a secure password.

Your digital life is no longer safe. No matter how complex or unique, your password can no longer protect you from hackers.

These simple strings of characters can reveal everything about you – and as our online accounts become more interconnected, it is becoming even easier for hackers to gain access from one service to another.

How are our online passwords being hacked? They are simply guessed, lifted from a password dump, taken by brute force, stolen with a key-logger, or reset by conning a company’s customer support department. As technology advances so too does the hackers skill-set, security breaches have increased by 11% since 2018 and 67% since 2014 (Accenture).

It is impossible to have an online presence without a password. To keep your online presence secure, it is essential to have a good variety of passwords. Here are our tips that can help you stay safe on the internet. 

Password Don’ts

Password Do’s

There is no such thing as too safe when it comes to your internet security. Update your passwords today to stay secure. 

Author: Rachel McRae

Rachel worked in Online Marketing for several years before founding Dubzz in 2011. She holds qualifications in Marketing, Business, Science and Māori and was recognised in 2015 as the "Emerging Young Leader of the Year" at the Westpac Business Excellence Awards.

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