How To Spot An Online Marketing Fraudster

By Dubzz | Thursday, November 22, 2012

Online marketing scammers exist. Anyone involved in marketing a business needs to know how to tell the difference between an internet marketing foe and an online friend.

These fraudsters target small businesses by providing false promises and these are some of the lies we know you need to steer clear of:

“Our all-in-one app is all your website needs for success!”
If someone claims they can solve all your online marketing challenges with their one service that they sell – they are are fraudster. There is no one online magic marketing fix to get you to the front of the pack, and anyone who claims that they have one is someone to avoid. A successful internet marketing campaign includes a multitude of tools and techniques, such as fresh content, fast page load times, good metadata; when combined with patience and hard work it will produce positive results.

“We’ll submit your site to 3,000 directories for only $35.95!”
Some online marketing fraudsters will tell you that links are the only thing that matter – this is another false claim. Although links are critically important to search result rankings, they are not the only thing in an online marketing campaign that matters. The more links from external websites to your website, the more ‘important’ search engines can perceive your page to be; for example, the more friends you have the more important you must be. However, major search engines will favour higher quality links over higher quantity. Being listed on spammy link sites and bad directories will only hurt your search engine ranking.

“We’ll get your site to #1 in Google!…”
Probably one of the most common claims an online marketing fraudster will make is that they can get you to the top of Google search results. Being at the top of search results is very important, as studies have shown that most people don’t look past the first few pages of results. And getting your website there is a valid goal and definitely possible, however, you should not believe anyone who guarantees that they can get your website to the top of search results in a short space of time. They cannot guarantee it, and those that do usually doing something illegal to achieve it. When Google sees this Black Hat SEO, and they will, your website will be banned and it can be very costly to your digital reputation. You will forever struggle to get back in their good books.

“…And, your site will be #1 on Google in 30 days!”
Often people who say they can get you to the top of Google will also promise they can achieve these results overnight. There is no such thing as instant success in internet marketing. This is another scheme that online marketing fraudsters will try and sell you. Internet marketing takes patience, skill, proper strategy, and often specialisation. And it most definitely takes time. With the ever increasing volume of businesses now online, the internet is highly competitive and no online marketing campaign is ever quick, or easy.

There are so many people online selling empty promises, and unfortunately many businesses have learned the hard way how these charlatans and their cheap tricks can be costly to their their internet marketing campaign and can have such a negative impact on their businesses online presence. Generally, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Another good rule of thumb is to get everything in writing, work with a local company with a physical location you can visit if need be, and if in doubt don’t be afraid to ask for examples or contact their clients for testimonials.


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