Making it ‘Sweet As’; Isaac’s move from Brisbane to the Bay of Plenty

By Isaac Arnold | Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Isaac, one of our newer staff members, shares his story of moving from Brisbane to the Bay of Plenty

My love for New Zealand began back in 2008 when my parents brought my two younger sisters and me over for a South Island adventure spanning from Christchurch to Queenstown. We immersed ourselves in all NZ had to offer from a Māori cultural experience to climbing over Fox Glacier – two activities I would recommend (to tourists and locals alike).

Before I continue, full disclosure – I’m an Australian *queue eye roll* so you’ll be forgiven for not wanting to read on…

Still there? Cool…

Since that holiday in 2008, I’ve visited Aotearoa twice more before making the permanent move in early 2018. One visit was to amazing Rotorua in 2012 with my high school for the Rhapsody Rotorua Music Festival and the next in 2017 with my Kiwi girlfriend. Every time I’ve flown across the ditch, I’ve been amazed at the rolling greenery, friendly atmosphere and pure excitement of visiting real-life Middle Earth.

How does an Australian meet a New Zealand girl? On the other side of the world of course! I met my Wellington-born girlfriend working at Disney World Resort in Florida, USA during 2016. Since then we’ve lived in three different locations – Florida, Brisbane and now Tauranga.

Calling the Bay of Plenty (BOP) home for over 12 months, I now consider myself a Tauranga/Rotorua local and love everything about this little slice of paradise.

What the BOP has to offer

What it doesn’t have to offer would be a shorter list!

This little section of Aotearoa is very similar to the Eastern Queensland coast, but with plenty to do within a 2-3hr drive instead of a 5-6hr haul. Some of my favourite spots in the Bay are, yes, ‘touristy’ but sometimes you need to play tourist to appreciate what’s in your own backyard. From the view from atop Mauao, to surfing at Mt Maunganui beach, to exploring the geothermal landscape of Rotorua, this little corner of the world has some of the best outdoor activities on offer – all with the added bonus of no animals trying to harm you.

The Kiwi lifestyle & what it’s taught me

Moving from a large city with close to 2.5 million people to the small region of the Bay of Plenty has been quite a shock. Along with the slower paced day-to-day activities and far less traffic (yes, believe it or not) you learn to put things into perspective and focus on what makes you happy. In just over 12 months, I’ve learnt that in true Kiwi-style it’s important to put a large emphasis on spending time with family and friends, making forever memories and creating the perfect work/life balance.

Admittedly I was both excited and nervous about moving from Brisbane to Tauranga for love – leaving my friends, family and big city behind. Reflecting on it now, I can confidently say it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Rotovegas + my career (and a little about what I’ve learnt)

Having studied a few branches of marketing at university, I was on the hunt for a digital/social media marketing role after landing in New Zealand. It took a little time, and a lot of perseverance, however Rachel and the team at Dubzz handed me the opportunity of a life-time. I’ve always wanted to work in the online marketing space, specifically with Facebook and social media management. Dubzz has turned this dream into a reality and working with such a talented team of digital marketing-minded people I feel right at home continuing the amazing work Dubzz produces for its clients.

While working at Dubzz I’ve learnt that with anything online, technology is forever changing and it’s essential for businesses to keep that in mind when building an online presence. Trying new advertising channels, appealing to a new generation of users and constantly adapting to connect with potential customers are all critical ingredients for success in the online marketing world.

Author: Isaac Arnold

Isaac enjoys playing squash, golf, football and the guitar. In his spare time you may find him checking out local coffee shops and other tourist destinations in New Zealand or playing PlayStation.

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