Marketing During The COVID-19 Crisis

By Rachel McRae | Thursday, September 16, 2021

Find out where you should focus your marketing efforts to help you pull through the crisis.

It’s been almost two years since the world was first affected by COVID-19. Throughout this challenging period, businesses have questioned which marketing efforts they should continue with in the current climate. Thanks to our adapting society and increased internet connectivity, it is now easier than ever to conduct business online.

Initially, businesses had to act very quickly to respond to COVID-19 restrictions. However, we now have more experience and understanding of how marketing works during these times. We have found that businesses must use marketing to their advantage to help them pull through, move forward, and stay in business.

This is an important time to continue with your marketing efforts and paid advertising. This is particularly true for the online space, where there is increased activity, and all your results can be measured. Here are our recommendations on where businesses should focus their marketing strategies and budgets in 2021.

If You Can Still Operate, Tell People About It

If your business can operate under your region’s Alert Level restrictions, make sure your customers are aware you’re still open. Update your website, share messages via social media and send e-newsletters to your customers. Using an appropriate tone is also important, as the crisis is still affecting millions of people around the world. Your tone should also be considerate to other business owners who are unable to remain open.

Update Your Website

This goes for all businesses, both operating and closed. With every business operating in varying capacities, you need to provide customers with information they need to know about yours. The first place they’re likely to go for this information is your website, so make sure it answers their questions. Be sure to include information such as:

Use This Opportunity For Brand Awareness 

Your business may need to temporarily close as Alert Levels change. Businesses such as tourism operators, hairdressers & restaurants are most likely to face this reality. Use this opportunity to share content, retain your customers and stay top of mind. You can grow your brand and continue to engage your customers using social media and e-newsletters, which are further explored below.

Capitalize On Social Media

Social media is arguably one of the best ways to stay in touch with people. We even see the government use their social media platforms daily to relay key messages on COVID-19. During lockdown periods, Facebook & Instagram have seen a 40% increase in usage, so it is clear people are spending more time scrolling.

Use your social platforms to stay in touch with your customers. Let them know if you are open, whether you can take orders, answer questions and share informative content.

Use Your Database

If you have a database of emails, sending e-newsletters is a fantastic way to reach your customers/subscribers directly. Email marketing can help you to keep the lines of communication open, share any updates and stay top of mind. Be sure to communicate the same key information that you have updated your website and social media channels with. Don’t be afraid to be repetitive, because some of your customers may not be aware!

Plan For The Future – Whatever That May Be

Use this time to strategise and plan ahead. What has worked for your business these past two years? What hasn’t worked? Are there areas of opportunity you might be missing? How can you diversify your business or make changes so that you can operate if there is another nationwide lockdown? Because nobody knows what the future might hold, one of the best things you can do for your business is prepare for a variety of scenarios.

We know this is a challenging time and everyone is continuing to figure out how to get through it together. If we can help your business at all with online marketing, website updates or a new website, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We also provide many useful training courses which can help upskill staff that may have more time to work on marketing projects.

Author: Rachel McRae

Rachel is the founder of Dubzz with qualifications in Marketing, Business, Science & Maori. She is proud Mum to Hugo and Bella, and serves the community as a Justice of the Peace. In her free time Rachel enjoys cooking, gardening and walking her dog Henry in the Redwoods.

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