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Social media is playing an ever-increasing role in the lives of consumers – it is how they keep in touch with their friends and family, where they learn the latest news, and it exposes them to new products, services, and information.

Social media works well for a whole range of industries; it can help you communicate with your clients better, attract new clients, and find out the demands of the market.  At Dubzz we specialise in helping to create a customised social media strategy with measurable outcomes.

Keen to manage your own social media?  We can provide you with the tools to set up and manage your social media presence, or even run your own ads.  Check out our up-coming courses or schedule one on one training with a member of the Dubzz team.


We can set up, manage and grow your presence in the online space, across a range of platforms.  We specialise in engaging content that creates conversation in the online space.


Social Media advertising is some of the most cost-effective ad space you can buy in the current advertising climate.


See the results of your Social Media activity with powerful tracking.  We can measure your activity, engagement and results, and provide you with insights about how customers are engaging with your brand.

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Keen to use these tools to help your business?  Need help in the online space?  Ready to take your online marketing to the next level?

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