The Digital Video Revolution

By Dubzz | Monday, April 8, 2013

Video is everywhere, it’s entertaining, it’s visual, and the marketing opportunities are endless.

We live in a time where picture and video have a greater influence on us as a society than ever before.

The power of video marketing is growing more rapidly than any other marketing medium in the online environment. We know the efforts are worth it, and you should too.

Here are some staggering stats you should know about the digital video revolution and why your business needs to get on board:

There is no doubt video marketing, done right, is worth the investment. Your customers are looking to the Internet to find answers, and when they search for a product or service, video can allow your company to explain your product or brand quicker. This provides your customer with the message sooner, leading to faster sales. Video provides a “hands-on approach on what is actually happening in our process and answers many questions that consumers have…” says Jeff Cohn, president of Boro Energy in Brooklyn, New York.

Internet video marketing is an ideal solution for any business, big or small, who want to stand apart from their competition, driving lead generation and sales in a cost-effective, measurable way.

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