Tips & Tricks for Posting on Facebook

By Rachel McRae | Tuesday, May 14, 2019

It’s often difficult to know where to start when posting content on Facebook, especially when you’re trying to promote your products or services.

There are so many different ways you can post to Facebook. You can create original content, share videos, ‘re-post’ follower images, share website links and more. To help you get the most out of all your posts, we’ve put together a few tips and tricks for posting content to Facebook.

Post Content That Interests Your Audience

If you’re using Facebook for your business, it’s important to keep the interests of your target audience in mind. Uploading content that has relevance to your followers/customer base will then encourage them to become involved. Picking at their interests means that you have their attention and customers will be more receptive to your message.

If you run a coffee shop for example, posting content that shows where you source your beans, tasting notes etc. will appeal to your audience’s interests. Content doesn’t have to be yours either – you can post links to blog articles or industry news on your page too.

Content Variety

Changing up what you post will keep users engaged and steer them away from being bored of your feed. Keeping content fresh and interesting is key to making sure people continue to enjoy looking at your page.

Having a healthy mix of original content, followers’ posts, photos & videos and occasional external blog/website links is sure to give you a noticeable point of difference. It also shows users that you aren’t just about your own business, as they will tend to switch off if every post is a sales pitch. As a rule of thumb, ensure that whatever you post both aligns with your business and keeps users interested.

Ask Questions

Is there a better way to get users involved than asking questions? See… it made you think, didn’t it? 😉

Asking questions is a proven method of ensuring people looking at your content are engaged. As mentioned earlier, it’s essential to keep content focused on your brand and users’ interests.

Let’s stay with the coffee shop example. Consider questions like; ‘What’s your favourite way to enjoy coffee?’ or ‘Tell us your iconic duo – a flat white & ____’.

These easy and thought-provoking queries get users interested, thinking and involved. They can also give you some good insights into the way your target audience thinks. Using questions is great when you want to create posts that receive a lot of comments, reactions, or even shares.

Other General Tips

Incorporating the above strategies into your content scheduling will give your Facebook page a real sense of professionalism and encourage users to be engaged. Along with these, here are some more quick tips to consider:

If you have any questions, or would like assistance with your Facebook page, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Author: Rachel McRae

Rachel is the founder of Dubzz with qualifications in Marketing, Business, Science & Maori. She is proud Mum to Hugo and Bella, and serves the community as a Justice of the Peace. In her free time Rachel enjoys cooking, gardening and walking her dog Henry in the Redwoods.

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