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Digital Marketing Strategy Development Series

Work with our digital marketing experts to develop an online marketing plan

Our two-session Online Marketing Strategy Development training series will help you generate a strategy that makes the most of your marketing budget.   We can help you determine how online tools like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, SEO, E-newsletters and Social Media can benefit your organisation, and then work with you to develop a customised plan to suit your goals.

Over two sessions, we will go over how your business currently operates and your goals for the future.  We will review your existing online marketing and help you develop a strategy that takes advantage of opportunities currently available in the market.  Then, we will help you develop a plan for implementing your strategy and set KPIs to measure your results.

Total Cost (2 Sessions): $1500 + GST

We can teach you:

  • Identification of opportunities available in the online space 
  • Development of a digital marketing strategy that meets your business goals within your available marketing budget 
  • How to action your customised strategy, step by step
  • How to set realistic KPIs for measuring your success 

Each training includes:

  • A pre-training phone consultation 
  • 2 x two-hour online training session conducted in person or online tailored to your business needs
  • Helpful take-home resources for you to refer to during and after your training
  • A follow-up phone call after the course to check on your progress and to answer any additional questions you might have  

Cost per Private Training Session:

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Video-based remote training options available

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