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Digital Marketing Courses with Dubzz

Make the most of your online presence with a Dubzz online marketing course or training session. Whether you’d like to run your own Facebook or Google ads, increase website traffic with improved SEO or website performance, reach your existing audience though Mailchimp e-newsletters or harness social media marketing to engage new people;  we can put the power of digital marketing in your hands.  If you’re not sure where to start, you can work directly with our online marketing experts to develop a customised digital marketing strategy.  Our online marketing courses help you navigate the world of digital marketing, and emerge with measurable business results.

Small Groups or 1-1

Whether you’re a small business owner working independently or a manager looking to upskill your team, we can work with groups or individuals to develop and improve your digital marketing strategy.  We offer our training sessions in person or remotely through video conference and screen-share.

Tailored Teaching

We tailor our training sessions to your business needs. We teach you exactly what you need to know and provide you with the tools to meet your online goals.  No experience is necessary; our sessions suit everyone from complete beginners to experienced users.

Funding Available

Our training sessions are registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund, which means small businesses may qualify for vouchers that can be used toward the cost of training with us.
Find out if your business qualifies.

We can teach you:

  • The skills needed to improve your organisation’s online marketing
  • Customised strategies for making the most of your online presence
  • Best practices for the online marketing channels of your choice
  • How to maximise your online marketing return on investment

Each training includes:

  • A pre-training phone consultation to understand your business and training requirements
  • Two hours of private instruction tailored to your business
  • Individualised lesson plans
  • Written reference guide and instructions for you to take away
  • Personal follow up to answer any remaining questions

Cost per Private Training Session:

See if you qualify for funding

Video-based remote training options available

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