You Need To Upgrade Your Internet Browser NOW!

By Byron Murray | Monday, June 24, 2013

Upgrade your website browser for the best online experience.

We at Dubzz Digital, along with web designers and developers worldwide, want you to have only the best online experience.

After getting connected to the Internet, the most important thing you need to gain access to the internet is a web browser such as, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Safari. In fact, you can not view a website without one. But did you know that the browser you are currently using could be limiting your online experience?

Using an old version of a web browser, such as IE9 (Internet Explorer 9), can cause websites to display incorrectly, compromise functionality, and can leave you vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Internet Browser - Dubzz Digital Marketing

Website displayed incorrectly in Internet Explorer 8

Internet Browser - Dubzz Digital Marketing

Website displayed correctly in Google Chrome

Reason’s to update your browsers:

What ever you are doing on the Internet, from emailing, shopping, banking, social networking, to researching, ensuring your browser is up to date will ensure your experience will be safer, faster, and much more beautiful.

The good news is that upgrading or switching browsers will cost you nothing and it is a simple process that anyone can do! Now that you know why you need to upgrade, here is the who and how to do so:

Browser Options:

Google Chrome – currently the most popular browser in the world with just over 36% of the global browser market – and for good reason. It most often comes out on top in browser rankings when comparing speed and overall browsing experience. Another great reason to go Chrome is because it will connect and interact with your other Google accounts such as Drive, Gmail, and YouTube, etc. making for even better usability.

Download here: Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox – until Google Chrome became popular, Firefox has been Internet Explorer’s main competitor. It is a great browser that offers many advantages over old browsers. While most new browsers offer add-ons and plugins, Firefox currently seems to be leading the way in this area.

Download here: Mozilla Firefox

Internet Explorer – the newest version of IE has seen a huge improvement on the older versions. Not only is it more elegant but it seems to be more HTML5 friendly. Where it’s predecessors struggle to display new websites correctly, this new edition has stepped up to join Chrome, Firefox and Safari in functionality and compatibility.

Download here: Internet Explorer

Safari – Apple software offers both an attractive and user-friendly experience. Commonly found on iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers it’s features are very similar to Google Chrome.

Download here: Safari

So which browser is best? Each of the browsers above all have their strengths and weaknesses and it’s about finding the one that you prefer. As long as you have the latest version of any of these four main major browsers your internet experience will be infinitely better.

Author: Byron Murray

When Byron is not solving a coding problem, you will find him at the Ti Street Squash courts, playing with his daughter, Ruby, or doing jobs around the home for his wife.

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