5 Tips for Your Summer Online Marketing

By Tereina Haimona | Monday, December 18, 2023

Optimise your summer online marketing with these essential tips.

As summer approaches, businesses may experience a surge in activity or may be preparing to temporarily close-down for the Christmas period. In either case, it is crucial to maintain a robust online presence to stay connected with your audience throughout this busy season. In this blog post, we provide 5 tips for your summer online marketing.

Schedule Posts for a Seamless Presence:

One of the key aspects of online marketing during a busy or close-down period is ensuring a consistent and seamless presence on your social media platforms. That is why we recommend using management tools like Meta Business Suite and Later to publish your posts from your social media content calendar automatically. This approach allows for an active and relevant presence without constant manual updates.

Summer Business Updates

Your customers rely on your website and social media profiles to get your business’s latest updates and news. If you don’t make this information easily accessible, it can lead to confusion and frustration among your customers. To maintain a positive customer experience and avoid any potential misunderstandings, keeping your website and profiles up to date with accurate information about the closures, reopening dates, and any service changes is crucial. This will help you communicate transparency and manage customer expectations effectively.

Update Google My Business Hours

If you own a business with a physical location, keeping your Google My Business hours up to date is essential. Whether you’re temporarily closing, reducing, or extending your hours, updating your profile with accurate holiday hours is crucial. This will ensure that people searching for your business online get the correct information.

Mobile Optimisation

Ensure your website and digital content are optimised for mobile devices. Most people rely on phones rather than desktops while away on holiday, so a mobile-friendly experience is essential.

Paid Advertising Strategy

It’s a good idea to review your paid advertising strategy and how it fits with the behaviour of consumers during the holiday season. Shifting the focus of your message from sales-driven to emotional and celebratory content can help you engage better with your audience and promote brand awareness – which often translates into heightened brand recall, bringing in future business.

In the constantly evolving online marketing world, it is crucial to adapt to seasonal changes to achieve business success. Whether you are getting ready for a hectic summer or temporary shutdown, these tips can help maximise your online presence during the festive season.

Our dedicated team is ready to assist you if you encounter any challenges or have new ideas for your online marketing in the coming year. Please note that we will be on a break starting December 22nd and will return on January 8th 2024. Our main operations will pause during this period, but urgent client support will still be available.

Get in touch to schedule a discussion about the future of your digital marketing initiatives.

Author: Tereina Haimona

Tereina has graduated from the University of Waikato, completing a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Marketing and a minor in Tourism. A passion for culture and tourism has led her to Rotorua to join the Dubzz team and expand her digital marketing skills.

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