Ngāti Whare Holdings

The Challenge

Ngāti Whare Holdings is the holding company and commercial arm for the Ngāti Whare Iwi. As a PSGE they received and manage the settlement funds of the Iwi through investing and overseeing commercial interests.

Ngāti Whare Holdings were in need of a new website to help provide and report information to Iwi members, while also proudly displaying their history and values.

Our Approach

Dubzz focused on creating a website that was simple to navigate so that Iwi members can easily find information about the history, work, and goals of Ngāti Whare Holdings.

The website was designed to match the look and feel of their existing branding. The website was built with te reo Māori integration at the forefront, with macron-friendly fonts carefully selected so that te reo Māori could be used seamlessly throughout the content.

For the website images, Ngāti Whare were able to leverage our subscription to a stock image website to find high-quality images to use throughout the site.

Ngāti Whare Holdings View Website Here

The Results

The result is a website which is congruent with Ngāti Whare Holdings’ existing branding and values. The website is easy to navigate which makes it easier for Iwi members to find relevant information and news.

The website is also user-friendly so that the Ngāti Whare Holdings team can make updates themselves, including adding new documents and information in the future. Mobile and desktop performance are both optimised, making it accessible from all devices.

View the website here:


We recently partnered with Dubzz to redesign our websites and found Rachel, Leah and their team to be a powerful asset in our marketing campaign.  Their service is professional and personalised, the project was managed efficiently and the team were really responsive. Their ability to be fluid in the design process and the excellent advice provided sets them apart. The websites look brilliant! Couldn’t ask for a better outcome – would highly recommend Dubzz for your web design project.

Melissa Katting, Ngāti Whare Holdings

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