The Best Mailchimp Features

By Danielle Duff | Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Mailchimp is a giant platform with countless features. Here are our top picks.

Dubzz have achieved the newly introduced Mailchimp Foundations Certification! As a company, we have been using Mailchimp for many years. However, the email marketing platform has recently released Mailchimp Academy which provides online courses about all Mailchimp’s features and best practices for marketers.

If you’ve ever received one of our e-newsletters, then you have already seen what the company’s email services can do. But there are so many more resources that we can implement for our clients. Here are some of the great features they offer:

Free Features

Mailchimp has a number of excellent free features that can upgrade your marketing.


Mailchimp is most popular for their e-newsletter service, and for good reason. With their email marketing, you can reach up to 2,000 email subscribers – for free! These are great for fostering a relationship with your customers and creating a real community for your brand. You can share behind the scenes updates, exclusive offers, event invitations and much more. If you want to drive repeat business and increase brand-loyalty, e-newsletters are the tool for you.

E-Newsletter Sign Up Forms

With Mailchimp, you can create an e-newsletter sign-up form and put it directly on your Facebook business page or website. Below, you can see what our form looks like on our Facebook page. This way, you have the chance of turning casual Facebook or website browsers into e-newsletter subscribers. Growing your email list is important, the more people who can see your carefully curated newsletters, the better!

Paid Features

Mailchimp has a number of handy paid features which require a subscription plan. If you are looking to up your email marketing game, this is a great way to do it.

Cart Abandonment Email Automations

Have you ever been online shopping, put something in your cart, and then changed your mind? Mailchimp estimates that 69% of all online shoppers abandon their cart before purchasing. Using their premium automation, Mailchimp can email website visitors who have added an item to their cart and failed to purchase it. Whether you want to send a simple reminder that they’ve left an item in their cart, or if you would like to offer a 5% discount code to help them convert – automated emails can make it happen.

Send Time Optimisation

It can be frustrating when you send out e-newsletters, only to have a small percentage actually open them. Luckily, Mailchimp knows when your email subscribers are most likely to open their emails. All you have to do is press send, and Mailchimp will deliver the email to each individual subscriber at the perfect time to increase opening rates. This feature can ensure your email content has the best chance of being seen.

As your local Mailchimp experts, we can help you create the perfect email marketing campaign. Get in touch with us today if you have any questions, our certified team can help!

Author: Danielle Duff

When not at work or studying, Danielle can be found reading a book, spending time with her friends, or travelling.

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