How To Write A Business Instagram Bio

By Rachael Felt | Sunday, March 26, 2023

Learn how to maximise your Instagram bio to make it more engaging and effective for your business.

Your business’ Instagram profile is a 24-hour storefront, constantly under pressure to look its best. A way to determine the strength of your 150 characters is to measure it as an elevator pitch. To someone landing on your page for the first time, are you doing enough to capture their attention and answer a basic who, what, where, and why?  

If you need more clarification on whether you’ve ticked all the boxes, we created a helpful formula below to inspect and improve the health of your bio.  

Identity – who are you?

Person: Your profile should only include a person’s name if they are the business. For example, influencers, politicians, chefs, and anyone monetising their name as a brand. If you fall under this category, good on you! Pop in that name you’re known for and proceed to the next section.

Business: The name of your business should be front and centre here, with clear connections to your username. If your username differs from your business’s name, we recommend changing it immediately to ensure your brand shows up whenever people might be searching for it.

Point of Difference – so what?

This is your opportunity to stand out. The challenge is to do so within the constraints of a few words and emojis. We advise prioritising relevant keywords and messaging that already exist across your brand.

For example, if you sell “handmade bags made from recycled plastic”, you’re missing out on leveraging your best feature if you call yourself a “bag company”. You have worked hard to make your product/service stand out against competitors. This is the time to showcase exactly what makes you different and why a user should buy your product or service over someone else.

Call to Action – what now?

Now that we know who you are and what makes you worth someone’s time, it’s time to provide the user with a clear call to action. We recommend applying strong action words to lead the user towards becoming a customer, client, or follower. Specific activities can include “shop”, “learn more”, “follow”, and more.

Website and Links – where to now?

Successfully generating traffic to your social media accounts is an achievement. It is best to make the next steps as easy as possible for the user to action. Your call-to-action statement will likely involve directing the user to your website. Therefore, your link in the bio must include the relevant page or pages.

Linktree or Linkpop can help you create a custom link and page with multiple link options. This is a good option for directing customers to several different web pages. Keep in mind the simpler, the better! If directing all traffic to your homepage makes the most sense for your business, add that link section of your bio, and you’re ready to go.

Closing Remarks

Remember to continuously review your Instagram bio every so often to ensure it reflects your growing business best. There is no need to overhaul the bio each time altogether, but you should feel open to updating it as your interests, brand, and messaging evolve. To learn more about communicating your brand personality, see our blogs on social media as customer service and six tips on Instagram for business.

If social media has become daunting or you need help conveying a consistent brand voice across your social profiles and website, contact Dubzz. Our team is here to help you put your best foot forward in managing your digital presence.

Author: Rachael Felt

Rachael is an Online Marketing Consultant who joined our team in November 2022. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations from the United States and a Master of Marketing degree from the University of Auckland Business School. Rachael is Google Ads Certified across Search, Display, Video, and Shopping.

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