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What is Search Engine Optimisation?

The internet is the most powerful marketing tool that exists, it simply needs to be utilised in a way that will benefit your business. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) results in appearing before your competitors in search results, and having increased traffic sources to your website, therefore increasing your online business.

There is no switch we can flick to instantly get your business at the top of Google search results. Search Engine Optimisation is undertaken in a number of ways including optimising meta data information and keywords on your site, link building, and increasing indexable content about your business online. Search Engine Optimisation is a long-term strategy not a quick-fix, which can take up to 12 months to see full results.

Do you need Search Engine Optimisation for your website?

This is a very valid question to ask, as you want to make any money your business spends achieves results. Try searching in Google (or your search engine of choice) under your industry and location, for example of an Accounting business in Hamilton search ‘Hamilton Accountant’ (not the name of your business). If your website comes up at the top of the first page that is fantastic, and for that particular search term your site is doing well. Should you not come up on page 1, maybe on page 2 or worse, we would highly recommend SEO work to improve your Google rankings as many research results suggest very few people gp past the first page when looking for something in Google.


We are an SEO company based in Rotorua, but are able to help businesses with their SEO needs anywhere in New Zealand. Get in touch with Dubzz today and start improving your websites search engine rankings!




“Dubzz Digital Marketing was contracted to assist us in the marketing of the Rotorua Golf Club, mainly through the use of our website and through social media. Rachel updated our website and linked us to a multitude of interactive sites increasing our exposure and site visits. Her expertise has been invaluable and we would not hesitate to recommend her to others.”

Rotorua Golf Club


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