What is the best social media channel for your business?

By Dubzz | Monday, May 12, 2014

Learn how to identify which social media channels are most suitable for your business.

Social media is about promoting your brand, increasing your sales, improving your Google ranking, and communicating with both your current and potential clients.

Being active on all forms of social media can be time consuming so we have provided an overview of six social media sites to help you decide which channels would best suit your business.

1. Facebook

Facebook is a great tool for communicating with your target audience. Facebook is New Zealand’s second most popular social media channel with 53% of New Zealand’s population using Facebook. A Facebook page provides a valuable opportunity to attach a face, name and personality to your brand. It can also help to build a community, where customers can provide and share reviews as well as offer feedback. Sharing links on your Facebook page can also help direct traffic to your website and improve your Google ranking. For further information on Facebook for business, check out our blog Facebook For B2B Businesses.

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2. YouTube

YouTube is New Zealand’s top social media channel and the second biggest search engine after Google. YouTube is great for businesses and brands with video content such as advertisements, testimonials, product promotions and instructions. Videos sharing expertise or tips help to build customer trust in your business. Remember to keep your videos short, creative, engaging and of good quality. It is good to note YouTube videos feature prominently in Google search results so name your videos well and always include a description. Find out more about YouTube on our blog post, Digital Video Revolution.

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3. Twitter

On Twitter, information is shared immediately so it connects you to your customers in real time. It is good for businesses such as cafes, restaurants and other tourist and hospitality organisations to engage with people on the move, such as tourists and travellers. Businesses can use Twitter to offer promotions and specials. Media outlets use Twitter as a way to broadcast breaking news. Twitter is made up short messages called Tweets and you can now also add videos and photos. It is also a great way to monitor conversations about your company, as well as those about your competitors. Twitter has 255 million active users per month, and 500 million tweets are sent per day!

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4. Instagram

Instagram is used for photo and short video-sharing so is great if your business has a visual aspect. Only available on mobile devices, Instagram is good to use when you are out and about. Content can also be shared instantly to your other social media channels. Instagram users add #hashtags to content to organise and share images and videos. Businesses can get involved by finding a hashtag that is relevant to your marketing strategy and post images to promote your brand. 67% of top brands are now using Instagram so for more information take a look at our blog, Instagram for Business.

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5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional social networking site, with over 300 million members. It can be used to create both a personal and company profile and is a great way to gain individual exposure and build business contacts online. You can also join conversations and be part of groups of like-minded individuals with shared interests and professional activities. LinkedIn works well for businesses in recruiting as it provides easy access to potential candidates.

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6. Google+

Google+ is Google’s version of Facebook and while it cannot be relied upon for everyday engagement with your clientele, as it not nearly as popular as Facebook, it can help increase your Google ranking. Content shared on Google+ is added to Google search results (or indexed) much quicker than on other sites. Your Google+ page will show as part of your search results, displaying important information such as your phone number and location.

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While not every social media channel is suitable for every business, most companies can use at least one social media channel to complement offline activities. For questions on these, help on your building your social media strategy, or any other social media activities, contact Dubzz for more information.

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